Couple Creates Pregnancy Time Lapse With A Bike Pump

ModernDayAdventuresPublished: August 29, 2016Updated: August 30, 2016162,928 views
Published: August 29, 2016Updated: August 30, 2016

Congratulations! You have just found out you are pregnant and you can’t be happier with the news! Your heart is racing and you can’t contain your excitement. After all, it’s not like you can become pregnant at the click of a button. Now, you are making plans how to spill the news to the people closest to you? With the ultrasound image? With a new bodysuit or over a family lunch? Be careful with that - someone might choke! We are kidding, of course. It is an amazing experience and nothing can be measured with it.

You're on one of the most exciting, happy, scary, clueless and rewarding journeys there is in life. That's what people say anyway. There are couples who want to make this journey memorable and they have all kinds of crazy and unique ideas. Time lapse photography is one of them. The couple in this video decided to do exactly that. However, they found a very innovative way to accomplish their idea. It’s not just a simple array of pictures taken week by week or month by month, but it is something that you would never think of if you haven’t watched similar videos before.

Their idea is a real piece of art and it warms our hearts. The thought of being able to bring a new life to this world is a real bliss itself. This mom-and - dad - to - be used a bike pump and a magic plum tree to make a baby with this time lapse. Who knew it was so simple? What a heartwarming family! It is indeed as simple as ABC, a pump is not a tool that it is impossible to find, in fact, if you go to your cellar now, you can certainly find one that you didn’t know it was there before. It’s the uniqueness of the idea that makes this video so special.

So, daddy “pumped” mommy’s tummy with a bike pump as they recorded every single step of the process and we can see how the bump is growing little by little with every push of the pump. Isn’t that cool? While making the bump bigger and bigger, these people can’t hide their happiness, plus this technique is comical in itself. Keep the pump running, daddy, don’t stop, the baby has to grow full size before it is ready to meet the world. And there it goes, it comes with a pop. We don’t know the baby’s gender, but whatever it is, we wish these parents life filled with many joyful moments together and we are eagerly waiting for the next “grow my tummy” video. Guys, you definitely deserved our full attention.

The beauty of being pregnant is that you're guaranteed to stop traffic whenever you cross the street plus you can eat a whole pint of chocolate-chunk ice cream and not feel guilty. Every night. You need more personal space for sure, and you have no qualms about claiming it. People look at your stomach and can't help smiling, as if the mere thought of your being pregnant has actually made their day a little bit brighter.

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