Kitten Miraculously Rescued From Storm Drain After 33 Hours Of Intense Work

davidloop65Published: August 26, 2016Updated: August 29, 20165,108,792 views
Published: August 26, 2016Updated: August 29, 2016

You can just tell how happy this kitten became. Here are a few quick facts about rescue animals. Every year there more than 6 million animals admitted into shelters that are looking for homes. Obviously some get adopted, but there are still a large number that don't. Over one million of these animals will be euthanized throughout the course of the year.

However, cats don't really have nine lives. The main reason why cats got this reputation for reincarnation is their ability to jump and land. They climb high trees, run in front of cars and jump from high places, and yet they do it so well and nonetheless manage to survive.

As the story goes, faint meowing was heard by customers in a parking lot, the kitten cries were coming from a near by storm drain, the kitten was trapped and a rescue effort was launched by some lovely bystanders, he was stuck in a 8 inch pipe with very limited access. After these guys tried everything they came to the conclusion that much bigger help was needed.

The very next day a fire station crew was called on spot to help the kitten get out of the pipe. After long hours of hard work and vast dedication the kitten was finally freed. Piper was trapped in a storm drain while rescuers worked for 33 hours to save him. A whole bunch of people banded together to rescue this little guy. This rescue operation is called Sierra Pacific Furbabies, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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