Soldier Surprises Little Sister For Christmas

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Published: August 26, 2016Updated: August 29, 2016

Christmas is a time for family. We all gather to share the spirit of Christmas and share some love with one another, but nowadays not all family members can be present. Such is the case with families who have loved one in the special forces. We keep them in our thoughts, but no matter how strongly we feel their presence, it still isn't quite the same.

One big brother decided that Christmas is just the right time to come back home from deployment, but first he had to visit a very special someone for a surprise. His baby sister was out for a cheerleading practice at school, testing some new cheer moves and was completely unaware of the person she is about to see.

It's always an emotional moment to witness these surprise homecomings. When she notices big brother coming into the gym in his military uniform, she is in disbelief. When the sight finally hits her, she breaks formation mid-cheer and sprints towards him for a tight, sisterly hug. That is one priceless Christmas present.

Thank you to all the brave women and men who are out there, protecting and serving our country and providing us with the freedom that we enjoy today.

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