NIGHT SHADOWS 07212023 -- CME’s Causing All Sorts of ACTIVITY as THE SON Executes Judgment

8 months ago

July is flying by and the globalists are hard at work to bring in their UN Agenda 30/50 as fast as they can before the slumbering masses of the world wake-up and stop them - then we have WW3 coming as the West keeps kicking the Bear to see if anything happens and eventually it will, BIG TIME. Then we have the UFO/Acclimation/Alien agenda kicking into high gear as the STRONG DELUSION grips the world. Earth Changes abound as the Sun shoots off more CME's kicking off volcanic and earthquake activity. It appears that the KILL SHOT may be closer than we think as solar cycle 25 is really ramping up. Paranormal sightings abound and some of it on video and more on tonight's Night Shadows...
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