Redneck drives a duct tape car off a cliff

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Published: August 25, 2016

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Special recognition goes to the FiberFix founding team. It was an honor to work with them and to have their trust and collaboration to bring this film advertisement to reality.

The FiberFix Founders are:
CEO: Eric Child
COO: Reed Quinn
Co-founder: Spencer Quinn
Co-founder: Chris Quinn
Co-founder: Derek Rowley

Created by the Harmon Brothers agency.


Actor and Manly Man: Jason Gray
Sexy Plumber: Jeff Blake
Tough Woman: Alicia Washington
Tough Woman: Marisol Peterson
Tough Woman: Stacylyn Bennett
Hand double: Jonah Rindlisbacher

Lead Writer: Matt Meese
Contributing Writer: Mallory Everton
Contributing Writer: Dave Vance
Concepting: Benton Crane, Daniel Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon, Jordan Booth

Executive Producers: Theron Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon
Director and Creative Director: Daniel Harmon
Co-Director: Matt Meese
Assistant Director: James Dayton
Producer: James Dayton, Jamestown Films
Co-Producers: Patrick Newman, Benton Crane
Director of Photography: Tyler Stevens
1st AC: Max Carter
Crane Operator: Bobby Fisk
B Cam Operator: Tel Stewart
B Cam 1st AC: Sam Wilson
C and D Cam Operator: Shane Rickard
C and D Cam 1st AC: Sasha Blume
Drone Operator: Patrick Newman
Drone Camera: James Dayton
GoPro Tech: Braden Storrs
DIT and Scripty: Kaitlin Snow Seamons
Gaffer: Phil Shepherd
Best Boy: Brian Shepherd
Sound Mixer: David Adamic
Art Director and Set Designer: Dillon Ellefson
Set Decorator: Cody Fairbanks
Assistant Set Decorator: Skyler Almond
Propmaster: Wray Featherstone
Construction Foreman: Layne Robinson
Scenic Artist: Tyler Astrope
Lead Editor: Kaitlin Snow Seamons
Special Effects / Stunts Leads: Ryan Roundy, Mike Roundy, Roundy Special FX
FX Technicians: Chuck Roundy, Chris Romrell
Production Assistants: Jake Burns, Mandy Harmon,
EMT and Safety: Brian Tanner
Hair and Make-up: Vanae Morris
Costuming: Anna K Findlay
Lead Editor: Kaitlin Snow Seamons
Editing Advisors: Jeffrey Harmon and Matt Meese
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tyler Stevens
Colorist: Tyler Stevens
Sound Design: Jake Edvalson
Pick-up Product Shoot: Shane Rickard, Jonny Vance, Tyler Stevens

Engineering and Testing Lead: Benton Crane
Roll Cage Design and Construction Lead: Deveren Farley
Roll Cage Construction: Kendall Nielson, Madsen Stuart, McKenzie Nellesen. Company: Interior Iron
Additional Testing: Jordan Booth, Brett Davis, Tanner Bean, Royal Rose
Electrical Engineering / RC Design: Tanner Bean
Car Body Work and Painting: Dan Stevens crew. Company: AutoApe
Vehicle Transport: Brett Davis
Wrecker and Removal: Dan Stevens
Team Leads FiberFix and Duct Tape Wrapping Team: Mandy Harmon and Jonah Rindlisbacher

BTS Camera Operators: Jonah Rindlisbacher, Brett Stubbs, Christian Sanchez
BTS Lead Editor: Jonah Rindlisbacher
BTS Writing and Advisement: Kaitlin Snow Seamons, Tyler Stevens, Jeffrey Harmon, Daniel Harmon, Theron Harmon, Benton Crane
Interviews in order of appearance: Dan Stevens, Dillon Ellefson, Deveren Farley, Eric Child, Dave Vance, Daniel Harmon, Benton Crane, Matt Meese, Jason Gray, Jonah Rindlisbacher, Tyler Stevens

Location Scouting: Benton Crane, Ryan Roundy, Jamestown Films, Mandy Harmon, Patrick Newman, James Dayton.
Casting: Daniel Harmon, Matt Meese, Theron Harmon
Casting Agencies: Talent Management Group and Urban Talent Management
Location: Ronald Spratling, Jr. and Ronald Spratling, III
FiberFix Brand Manager: Tyson Anderson
Graphic Design, Website Design, Packaging Design: Brett Crockett
Web Development: Brett Stubbs
Distribution and Optimization Launch: Brett Stubbs, Abe Niederhauser, Jonny Vance, Theron Harmon, Benton Crane, Jeff Harmon, Brett Crockett

Huge thanks to everyone! This has been one for the books!

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