Confronting The Squatters In My House

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Published: August 24, 2016

Occurred on August 22, 2016 / Hollywood, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "I foreclosed on my home a few months ago and the realtor let me keep my couches, bed and assorted clothes on the property until I could fully move everything. She said I had a few months, so I was moving things out as time permitted. I passed the property one day and saw all my things in the street and the yard in the rain. I called the reality company and they say that it was never sold or rented. Then, I got a call from the water company saying that someone was trying to get the water turned on and that he had shady documents stating that he brought the property from me. As the host of Jerseys Rants, my You Tube channel, I put on my ear camera and confronted the guy. He stated that he rented the place from me on Craigslist, but yet could not describe the person posing as me. I asked for the contact number for the person he could not provide that while saying he paid $1,800. I asked for paperwork and he came out with papers and some he refused to show me. He showed me a fake deed with my name scribbled on it. His witness names were even more illegible. I went to the last page where it was supposed to be notarized. It was not notarized no seal no signature it was never even filled out. I even have the e-mail from the water company stating that he said he bought it, so his story of him renting it was false. That's when I left to go call the police." - Steve Steenback - Jersey Rants

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