Kid Wakes Up From Surgery, Hilariously Describes His Experience

Published August 23, 2016 95,840 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWe've all seen an anesthesia video or two in our time. This one is definitely up there for one of the funniest ones around! From climbing up the Statue of Liberty to thinking his father is a banana, this kid delivers a hilariously commentary about his experience after waking up surgery. It's absolutely fantastic!

No wonder he had a mishap, the boy has been all over the place! He ran into California, then he ran into New York, then he climbed Lady Liberty, then he fell off, then his arm hit the ground...poor fella.

This poor kids broke his arm and had to go in for surgery. You can only believe how scary surgery is for such a young person. Once the anesthesia took over, you can be sure that the fear was gone.

Once they turned the lights off he started to calm down, but his delusions remained. The kid must have been super hungry, because everywhere he turns, he sees fruit. First his Dad was the banana, then his cast was a banana, bright yellow as it was, and he tried to take a bite off it! The n his finger is an apple, but dad says no, so now his dad is the apple, not his’s a rave in the little guy’s head, one we hope never to get into.

This hilarious recap of his of his experience is one that will definitely tickle your sides and draw out a few giggles. According to the nurse attending the rascal, he is probably seeing double from the anesthesia, which just confused him further.

Check out this hilarious kid after he wakes up from surgery!


  • debdeb, 3 years ago

    This little had some serious "Happy Juice"!!

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  • bluedaisy, 1 year ago

    usually whe u wake up .... u don't hallucinate . weird...

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