Sweet Baby Is Hilariously Startled By Attacking Shadowy Hand

Published August 23, 2016 22,364 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsNo matter how old you are, watching a shadow suddenly move can be quite frightening. This little baby found out the hard way how startling a shadow actually can be. A footage has emerged of an adorable little baby repeatedly getting scared by the shadow of a moving hand dancing on the floor. Baby’s reaction is priceless!

While playing with their family this little cutie pie came across a sunny spot on the carpet. Then, out of the blue, a scary hand appeared on the carpet and “attacked” the baby. Although the cute baby jumped the second and third time the hand attacked, by the fourth time the shadow didn’t even phase him. He actually started crawling towards the frightening silhouette and decided to face its fears.

Shadows can be fun, but they can also be super creepy, especially when they are not your own! Still, it's pretty fun to watch this baby get startled by a dark, shadowy hand. I’m not going to let you scare me! This is the hilarious moment a baby boy jumps with fear after being 'attacked' by a 'shadow dinosaur'.

This baby was curious when he saw a shadow monster crawling on the carpet. He tried to play and touch it, but he didn’t expect the sudden movement and retreated with fear. All of a sudden a scary hand appeared on the carpet and “attacked” the baby leaving him startled!

Watch as the little boy is transfixed by a family member's shadowy hand while sitting on the floor. Deciding to have some fun with the boy, the person 'snaps' their fingers together like a mouth, leading the boy to move closer to investigate the shadowy monster.

However, when the shadow moves to 'bite' him, he immediately recoils and retreats with fear, startled by the sudden movement! Hilarious!


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