Load Straps Break, Sending Tons Of Cargo Overboard

Published August 22, 2016 150,067 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsThis is very unfortunate. On this ship, the load straps break letting tons of precious cargo go overboard into the sea. It doesn't seem like anyone was expecting this, the straps are usually supposed to be very strong, being able to hold back lots of weight. This wasn't the case in this scenario. Whether it was the extreme cold or human mistake, the majority of the cargo flies off the ship into the sea. The people working on the boat were very surprised, this does't usually happen.

As the people frantically watch, the cargo continues to fall into the sea. There is nothing they can do, it is falling way too fast. After the avalanche of falling cargo is finally complete, there are barely any left on the boat. The majority of goods that were on the boat are gone now, lots of it has gone to waste. A couple more slowly start to fall off the boat since all the straps are broken. Nothing is holding them back anymore. At least one side of the boat is holding some of them back, they're very lucky not all of the cargo fell off!

You think this could have been prevented? You think they could have stopped the pipes from rolling over? Think twice!

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