Singing, Talking, Crying... This Parrot Can Do It All. You Won't Believe How Talented He Really Is.

AshleyGilbertPublished: August 19, 2016Updated: August 22, 201665,733 views
Published: August 19, 2016Updated: August 22, 2016

It must be very amusing to keep a parrot as a pet. A lot of these birds are capable of learning and mimicking sounds they hear from their surroundings to such extent, they can actually sound just like their owners!

Pierre the Yellow-naped Amazonian is 35 years old! He has been through a lot in his long life and it is pretty safe to say that he has been to hear and learn a lot. So when his owner asks him to cry, the sounds that come out of Pierre’s beak sound exactly like a very distraught woman!

Pierre is very smart, but he is also very loud and has a lot on his mind to say. So when his owner gives him a bowl, the angry green parrot throws it on the ground with a fiery temper! That is some character he’s got there.

Yellow-naped amazons are highly sought after for their talking ability and playful personalities. While they do not always handle emotions well, they will signal when stressed or over excited by spreading (fanning) their tail and eye pinning (contracting and expanding the pupils of their eyes).

Yellow Nape parrots do enjoy the stimulation of interacting with people however. The more they are socialized the more comfortable they will be around humans and animals.

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