Children Save Four Abandoned, Newborn Kittens Discovered in The Bushes

Published August 18, 2016 9,445 Plays $29.09 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesNikki, Jordan and Justin were on their way home from playing at the park when they heard high-pitched screams from the bushes. That's when they discovered 4 tiny, newborn kittens - abandoned, alone and starving. What they do next makes them #heroes #pawsitive

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Full Story:
Leo, Brie and Oscar were only 4 days old when they were discovered in the bushes crying and hungry. Their Siamese momma, a stray, had abandoned them. The babies would have died had it not been for three young, Good Samaritans (Nikki, Jordan and Justin) that found them and Cats at the Studios who took up the challenge to care for these three bottle babies.

One of their siblings found that day, unfortunately, did not make it. But, the rest of the family are now healthy and were all adopted.

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1 week old ➔
3 weeks old ➔
4 weeks old ➔
5 weeks old ➔
Adopted ➔ coming soon!

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  • missvirgule, 3 years ago

    They were NOT "abandoned" !!! The mother was gone to look for FOOD for her and, this way, have milk for her babies, babies who were hiden in bushes ! For God sake, won't it have anyone to teach to the people to let kitten when they seem to be alone, hidden and safe in, by exemple, bushes ? 95% of the time, it means that the mother is not far ! They didn't think that, because of them, she prefered to move away, disappear the time they go away to come back when they would have been gone ? It's always the HUGE MISTAKE that people do : think that the mother is gone and it's almost NEVER the case ! It would have been better for the babies (but not for them, as humans they just think about their own pleasure, even if it mean sacrifice the animal's happiness) to come back the next day, stay away and OBSERVE as long as necessary to be SURE that the mother doesn't come back. It's because of sillyness like this one that, us assoc', we finish with babies without their mother (who have been stolen to their mother... !) that we have to take care of, or young cats who are abandoned later because the people answer to a "hit of heart" : "oh, he's sooo cute this baby !" ; but the baby lives 15 years at least and demands a lot of cares they refuse to assum after a while. Not good !

    1 rumble
  • PAWsitive, 3 years ago

    Dear Miss, For the most part, you are correct. Kittens that are in the bushes are usually not abandoned as mother is looking for food. But in this case, the kids put the kittens back and waited for a lengthy amount of time for mother to return. She did not, so steps had to be taken so the four kittens did not die. Clearly one was not in time. Thank you for your message and for teaching us a thing or two!

    1 rumble