Creamy chicken bacon pasta

TipHeroPublished: August 18, 2016Updated: August 19, 20163,245 views
Published: August 18, 2016Updated: August 19, 2016

There are all kinds of crazy, adventurous, brand-new recipes out there for dishes we've never had before and that we're excited to try one day. Sometimes, though, all we really want – sometimes all anybody really <i>needs</i> – is a really good, really classic pasta dish. Enter: Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta! This dish is packed full of everything we love when we're having a rough day, or when we really just want some classic flavor combinations: penne pasta. Perfectly-seasoned chicken. Spinach and tomatoes. A creamy garlic cheese sauce to carry the taste of each component to every single part of the dish. Oh yes, and . . . bacon! There's nothing flashy about this pasta, but it's everything we could want when we need a colorful, tasty dinner at the end of a busy day. We're betting you feel the same sometimes, so check it out and give Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta a try!

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