Why Is This Parrot Screaming At Her Owner? The Reason Is Simply Brilliant.

7 years ago

Animals lovers prepare to have your heart melted as this priceless moment will warm you up! In this video we are introduced to the pet parrot Tweety. Tweety likes to cuddle before going to sleep and will get angry if her owner fails to stop petting her. Listen to her vocally complain, asking her owner, "What are you doing?" This adorable video is one that no animal lover or viewer should ever miss as it really is a priceless moment. It is a video that we will remember for a long time.

Isn't this video just the cutest thing? We knew that dogs and cats loved to be rubbed but who would have thought about birds too! Tweety is so gosh darn fluffy and cute that you just want to take her home with you! Don't you wish that you had a pet bird like Tweety at your home to cuddle with?

Tweety and her owner seem like the best of friends! Surely her owner only gets her the best bird supplies to keep her happy and healthy! Looks like they will be friends for a long time!

Have you ever seen a bird do this? Do your pets beg for more rubs? Let us know down in the comments!

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