Fearless Daredevil Slides Down Extremely Tall Skyscraper

Published August 17, 2016 6,464 Plays

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsMany of us find pleasure and comfort in relaxing and maybe taking a walk on the beach and enjoying the little things in life. Some of us prefer something more extreme such as skiing, snowboarding. And for some of us that like the utterly extreme sports, we might consider bungee jumping, skydiving and even going out to wind surf. But come of us find pleasure into things that bring adrenaline and scare, such as something you would find in this video.

Here we have some random person that has decided to put their life on the line, climb up a very tall skyscraper and slide down the slanted roof of the very tall building. We cant guarantee you will have the nerves to watch such a daredevil video but if you feel that your guts can take it, be our guest. This kid is not only amazingly brave, but also may not have any value over his own life.

Lets start with the climb that is unfortunately not shown on this video. How much of a crazy person would you have to be to not only climb up but not consider coming down less then a thousand time on the way. So, after he makes it up, which is clearly shown in the video, he walks on the very far left of the roof where there is no barriers and only the aluminum roof that is very much slanted towards the ground. Guess what, he barely sits down, slides along the edge and even takes a tumble, thank god its toward the middle of the roof and not toward the edge.

Needless to say this guy is crazy! Take a look at his unforgettable adventure down the roof top!