Baffled Cat Confuses Lemon For Droppings, Tries To Bury It Away

Published August 16, 2016 116,302 Views $17.25 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensA hilarious footage has emerged of a cat confusing a piece of lemon with poop, and trying to bury it in the kitchen tiles. Hilarious!

Apparently, Coco doesn't like the smell of lemon because she thinks it smells like droppings, so she attempts to ‘bury’ the lemon, but soon she realizes it cannot be done on hard floor tiles. Code alarm ‘Yellow poop’, followed by an instant instinct, ‘bury it’! What a curious and funny reaction!

Earthlings are curious creatures, that’s how we survive and thrive on this planet. The things we’re familiar with don’t have to be the things others know about and vice versa. So it comes as no surprise that this confused feline is wary of a harmless lemon sitting on the floor.

This cat has a problem comprehending the use and purpose of this strange-looking object, which she then confuses with poop. Oh goodness! It’s cat’s first time encountering one and she has a hard time holding on to her curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat, they say!

Footage shows the curious feline approaching the lemon from a distance, cautiously snooping around and sniffing at the weird yellow feces. It smells funny, it needs to go! Moments later, we see the cat trying to make the yellow poop go away, by performing the well-known cat maneuver when they try to bury their feces after they have gone to the toilet.

The feline tries hard to make the lemon disappear by outstretching its paws on the kitchen tiles, digging all that invisible dirt, just to transparently cover the feces. How come this cat confused the piece of lemon with feces? It doesn’t smell nothing alike!

However, after losing the battle the cat decides to retreat and leave the problem to her humans. The the nonchalant kitty leaves, as if it is not her problem anyways!
Don’t worry, he won’t eat it, but he will gladly check it on his to do list, under the task ‘bury a lemon’. Super cute!