A Pet Fox Is Asked To Go Outside. Wait Until You See How He Reacts.

veganfoxPublished: August 16, 2016Updated: August 17, 20162,042,812 views
Published: August 16, 2016Updated: August 17, 2016

It appears that Riot the fox is just too tired to go outside per his owner's request. But when you're as cute as that you can get away with almost anything!

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    missvirgule · 1 year ago

    First, he's ADORABLE :-) ! I love, love, LOVE the foxes ! 2) WHY this fox lives with humans ? He should be in the wild ! 3) When we really love someone, the love means often "sacrifice" : if the other is happy EVEN without us, it must be like that.

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      veganfox · 1 year ago

      Hi! He's a US domestic bred fox. Originally bred for fur, these foxes were selectively bred for their tameness over many generations. He has no idea about the wild. He's a spoiled little one who thinks everywhere he goes there must be A/C and comfy beds. Hence the reason he didn't really wanna go outside in the Florida weather that day. :)