Seagull Plays Shell Game, Wins Every Time

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Published: August 22, 2016

We all know the three cup shell game, in which three inverted cups are moved about and contestants - in this case a very smart seagull - must spot which is the one with the delicious treat underneath. You definitely won't want to miss this!

This seagull is no dummy though, dominating every round and reaping the rewards! Maybe the bird is just a compulsive gambler…hmm. Let’s see what happens.

First, the seagull is presented with three identical plastic cups. Then, he is presented with his treat. The man places the treat beneath the first cup and shuffles all three three times. The birds doesn’t even stop to think for a second. Instead, he just goes to the cup in the middle, flips it over and voila - there is his reward, which he gulps down right away.

Let’s try that again. The man shows the bird his cups again, then places the treat beneath the middle cup this time and shuffles again.

Like a charm, the seagull waits until the human steps back so that he may get his treat once again. Well color us impressed. Mr. Gull!

This bird isn’t the only one with the incredible ability to follow his treat! Fudge the German Shepherd is also a master at the shell game! Watch as his owner shows him the treat, then places it under the first cup and does a very quick shuffle on the floor. For a moment there even we lost its, but not clever Fudge! Good boy!

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    JoKidd · 1 year ago

    Amazing, right?