Londoners Cannot Decide If It's A Pokemon Or Rapper. Can you?

JumpOffTVPublished: August 15, 2016Updated: August 16, 201615 views
Published: August 15, 2016Updated: August 16, 2016

April and JumpOnTV hit the streets of London to see if people could tell the difference between a Pokemon Go character or a famous Rapper?

Watch this amazingly funny “Pokemon Or Rapper" video!

The people quizzed, most of them young cool Londoners, claim that they not only know their rappers pretty well but have also collected their Pokemon Go characters. One guy has even “stockpiled” 67 of them!

Watch this cool video not only for the answers but also for the amazingly cool reactions!

Let us now summarize the results of the quiz!

We have divided the results into four categories:

1. Absolute Pokemon winners that people got right from the start, or even if they did not it just might not have been their best day: Charmeleon. Yes, only one. Londoners seem to make some very poor Pokemon chaser, don’t they?

2. Pokemons with an identity crisis, bearing some truly cool rapper names: Alakazam, Hypno, Jynx, Rapidash, Oddish, Hitmonchan, Cubone, Omastar. And you would almost convince yourself you’ve been on their concert. Don’t you remember, two or three Fridays ago?

3. Rappers mistaken for Pokemons that should seriously reconsider their names or bring a totally new PR team: Tyga, Raekwon, Hopsin, Noreaga, Saigon, Mystical, Rakim, Cormega, and Saigon. We are truly sorry you guys. It’s the pulse of the public!

4. Absolute raper legends to whose lyrics we gladly and instinctively burst into dance: Yelawolf, Rah Digga, Cappadonna, Twista, Sheek Louch, Papoose, Chamillionair and Birdman. Congratulations!

How did you score? Share with us in the comment section.

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