Daredevils Take On The Deadliest Road In The World

7 years ago

To get behind the wheel and go out on an open road can feel like a nice journey to relaxation for people nowadays. But there are some places around the globe that you simply wouldn’t dare to visit by yourself, especially not on a motorbike.

This stretch from Killar to Kishtwar, between the villages Ishtyari and Tyari, is one of the most dangerous, scary, and exciting stretches of roads in India (and perhaps the world). This deadly road definitely fits only the most confident adrenaline-seekers. We are not saying that the view is not beautiful from up there, but it seems awfully dangerous for most people.

In this video, the guy named Singh was filming the whole journey through the road. Even though Singh and his friends appear very confident and calm while driving, you can see that when they tackle corners they use their feet to have more control. Another impressive sight is the waterfall they pass through. It pours from the cliff above them and Singh describes it as ‘mystical’.

Singh said that they wanted to do something different this year, so they chose a route that is more dangerous. He also said that they had to remove all the luggage because of the sensitivity of the area. There is risk factor always, but if you drive carefully you can do it without any problems- said Singh.

Check out this GoPro footage from a dirt bike as it takes us on a tour of this crazy and beautiful place. Would you dare to drive this path with a bike? Maybe walking and chatting isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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