'Psychic' Dog Warns Driver About A Future Collision

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Published: August 15, 2016

Wait until you watch the end of this video, because it will leave you in complete shock! When this driver came across a dog at an intersection, the dog starts to watch his car drive by and walks right in front of the car. The driver tried to drive around the dog but it wasn't going to get out of the way. Not only did the dog walk right in front of the car, but it also starts to bark at the driver uncontrollably and won't move from the front of the car. It isn't even phased about getting hit! Is it just angry about something? Does it want to warn the driver about something on the road?

If only there was a way for the person to understand what the dog wants...this driver is no Dr. Dolittle, so he starts to get more confused and frustrated. The dog eventually gets tired of barking and finally moves out of the drivers way. The car then speeds up and gets struck in a creepy T-bone collision! This is insane! The most odd part about this is that the car coming from the perpendicular street literally comes out of thin air! Was that dog psychic? What a crazy sight to see!

Have you ever been part of a crazy experience like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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    • 4 rumbles
      kitezden · 1 year ago

      No! had the dog not slowed them down they would have been through the intersection already. Hence they were suppose to crash that day. Eerie isn't it?!

    • 1 rumble
      YourAdumbass · 1 year ago

      freeking dog does that to every car.. and had he not slowed it down.. it would have been at a red light.. or already past that section... dumb post