WEF Young Global Leader Admits Ultimate Goal Is 'CBDC Under the Skin'

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7 months ago

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A World Economic Forum insider has blown the whistle and admitted the globalist’s number one goal is to implant CBDCs as a chip under the skin of every man, woman and child in the world – with or without their consent – and they will stop at nothing to achieve this aim.

According to Professor Richard Werner, the globalist elite have been carefully planning this attack on humanity for decades – and they are now preparing to drop a cluster munition in the heart of civil society to soften people up so they will accept the chip.

If anybody is qualified to talk about the evil agenda of the global elite, it’s Richard Werner. As a rising economist and WEF Young Global Leader in the early 2000s he was personally groomed by Klaus Schwab for a key role in the WEF.

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