How to make a pinata melted ice cream cone drip cake

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Published: August 11, 2016



This week I made a crazy melted ice cream cone drip cake! But I decided to kick it up to the next level with a surprise inside PINATA!
I baked two batches of my vanilla pound cake recipe in 8" round 4" tall cake pans. Leveled off the tops and divided the cakes into four equal layers. For the pinata, we need to make a "secret chamber" for all of our goodies to go into.
Using a two inch circle cutter I cut out the center of three of the cake layers. I soaked them with simple syrup to make them nice and moist. I stacked them up spreading my delicious vanilla buttercream recipe in between each layer. Then using a paper funnel I filled the chamber with pastel rainbow confetti sprinkles! Lots..... and lots..... and lots.... of sprinkles!
Added another layer of buttercream and added my final cake right on top. Using a carving knife, I leveled off the edges of my cake, making sure everything was nice and straight. No wonky edges on this cake, no siree!
Using AmeriColor gel based food colouring I dyed my buttercream a bright lemon yellow. I filled a disposable piping bag, and used a Wilton tip number 789 to apply my icing to my cake. I smoothed out my frosting with an offset spatula. Then using a piece of paper towel I rubbed that onto my cake until it was perfectly smooth with nice square edges.
For the ice cream scoop, I made a giant cake pop using the left over cake scraps and icing. I mixed the cake crumbs and icing together to make the perfect consistency. I formed it into a large ball and set it in the fridge to cool. Once cool I placed in onto my cake.
For the "melted" look to my ice cream, I make a white chocolate ganache. I dyed it using a deep pink food colouring and mixed it up. Using a spoon, I dripped it all over the top of my cake making sure the ice cream scoop was completely covered. I then used my spoon to help guide the ganache right to the edge of the cake, causing the excess to drip over the sides. To add some extra drips I used a piping bag and piped a few drips here and there. While the ganache was still wet, I sprinkled some extra sprinkles on top.
For the Ice cream cone, I dipped it in tempered white compound chocolate. I then added some more sprinkles all along the top edge just to jazz it up a bit. I stuck the cone righttttt on top of my ice cream scoop. As if this cake didn't have enough sprinkles... I added a pretty little sprinkle trim!
When you cut in to it all of those sprinkles will come pouring out!

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8"round tall cake pan

Disposable Piping Bags

Offset Spatula

Lemon Yellow Food Colouring

Deep Pink Food Colouring

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Vanilla pound cake recipe-

Buttercream Icing/frosting recipe-

Buttercream icing step by step video-

How to cover a cake in fondant video-

How to smooth ice a perfect buttercream cake video-

White Chocolate Ganache Recipe:
-1cup white chocolate
-1/2 cup of milk or cream
melt chocolate and stir in warm cream. Let rest for 15 min until cool.

Vanilla Pound Cake Ingredients:
-box white cake mix
-1cup all-purpose flour
-1 cup granulated sugar
-3/4 tsp salt
-1 1/3 cup water
-1/8 cup vegetable oil
-2 tsp vanilla
-1 cup sour cream
-4 egg whites

Buttercream Icing Ingredients:
-1 cup butter (room temperature)
-1 tbs vanilla
-4 cups of icing sugar
-1/4 cup water

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