How to make a Star Wars BB-8 cake

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Published: August 11, 2016

The Force Awakens with this CAKE! Learn how to make your very own BB-8 cake at home!


This cake has a very special spot in my heart. It was one of the most detailed time consuming cakes I have made, and it was all for my adorable nephew! I knew he wanted a Star Wars cake for his bithday. I was thinking a simple galaxy cake.... maybe something with Luke Skywalker, or Han Solo... perhaps a 3d fondant or gumpaste figurine.... but he fell in love with Yolanda Gamps crazy 3D standing up BB-8 cake on the How To Cake It YouTube channel. How could I say no?
Here is the breakdown of all the instructions in the video. I decided to make his head out of rice krispies, that way I could make it ahead of time. So I made a rice krispie structure using a small 4" sphere pan. I coated it in white chocolate then covered in with fondant. I used circle cookie cutters, gumpaste modeling tools, and piping tips to impress all of BB-8's details. For the perfect BB-8 orange, I used orange ameri gel food colouring and added a little brown to it. I rolled out my orange fondant and cut out little squares and rectangles to glue onto my head. I added on his eye and antennas. I rolled out some thick gumpaste and cut out a large thick disk on an angle for his neck.
Onto the cake! I made two batches of my vanilla pound cake recipe and baked them in two half sphere pans to make a whole sphere cake. I decided to tier my cake for extra support. So I added on my first cake, a layer of buttercream icing, four dowels, a cake board then my second cake all onto a 1/2" thick dowel to hold it all together. I crumb coated the whole cake, then covered my sphere in fondant. In this tutorial I show you step by step exactly how to cover a sphere cake perfectly in fondant.
I used the same tools to add in all the details on his ball of a body. I printed out a template for his panels from google to make creating the panels nice and easy. Rolled out my orange fondant, used the templates to cut out the panels and glued them onto my cake. I cut out the small panel details out of white fondant, the used a silver highlighter colour dust, to dust my white fondant details silver. Glued those onto my panels and added on the extra details using my gumpaste tools again.
I doweled his head for extra support, placed on his neck and head. My bb-8 is looking to clean! So I used a combination on brown and black colour dust using a sponge to apply so "dirt" to my BB-8. I coated my cake board in gel paste, then covered it with graham cracker crumbs. This way my 3D robot was rolling through the sand!
My final simple detail, was BB-8's on signal on his eye. I added a small white circle to his eye using white food colouring. I allowed that to dry for five minutes then coated the white with red food colouring, making sure to blend it in. Slice and enjoy! Just make sure to tell your guests head butting cakes is not recommended! I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
Happy Birthday Carson!

Yolanda Gamp The Cake Jedi from How To Cake It's AMAZING BB-8 Cake:

Star Wars The Force Awakens Official Movie Trailer (2015)

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8" Sphere Cake Pan
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Large 20" Rolling Pin
Disposable Piping Bags
Offset Spatula
Piping Gel
Gumpaste tools
Food Colouring
5" Sphere Cake Pan
Silver Luster Dust
Circle Cookie Cutter Set
Black Colour Dust
Brown Colour Dust
White Food Colouring
Piping Tips
Fondant Smoother
BB-8 Panel Template:

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