Dog has front legs hacked off with sword, makes incredible recovery

Published August 8, 2016 51,109 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsHis crime had been to chew a pair of shoes belonging to a neighbour. Despite Cola’s owner paying for the damage, her neighbour attacked the pup, who was only about 9 months old at the time, severing his legs with a sword.

Cola has come a long way since that horrific incident last May but, without the people like you who make up our Emergency Response Team, he would most likely not be alive today. Please go to to join this life-saving team now, so that suffering animals can continue to get the care they need!

The man who carried out this despicable act of cruelty was charged under the Animal Welfare Act but the sentence handed down consisted of just one month imprisonment. While this is incredibly lenient, it is important to remember that had this barbaric attack taken place two years ago, the perpetrator would have not faced any charges. Thailand only introduced its first ever Animal Welfare Law in late 2014 and it is still very much a work in progress.

Cola was taken to a specialist clinic in Bangkok, with Soi Dog Foundation covering the costs. Once he had recovered sufficiently, the clinic team was able to fit him with custom-made prosthetics. Meanwhile his owner surrendered him to our care, too fearful to return him to his old home.

A few weeks later, Soi Dog co-founder Gill flew to Bangkok to collect Cola and bring him to Phuket. Gill herself uses prosthetics, having lost both her legs while saving a dog in 2004.

Cola is now living with Gill and husband John, enjoying the comforts of a loving home and walks on the beach. Everything that has been done for him was made possible thanks to the support of people like you – the members of our Emergency Response Team.

As we are now being asked to help with vet bills for an increasing number of situations such as this, will you please go to to join the Emergency Response Team ensuring more animals like Cola get the help they need?

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