Treat yourself with a rich shrimp avocado salad

Published August 6, 2016 5,897 Views

When we’re trying to eat a little healthier during the work week, most of us do the exact same thing: grab a salad. It’s a really easy choice that keeps us away from the burgers and the pizza and the other tempting fast foods, but wow, it does get boring after a while, doesn’t it? We’ve already gone in search of alternatives to the leafy go-to, but we also wondered if there wasn’t a way to make the green leaves a little more special. With the warm weather seasonal bounty beckoning, the answer turned out to be pretty obvious: seafood and summer produce! Not only does this salad feature grilled shrimp spiced to perfection with lime juice and chili powder, it’s packed with corn and other summer veggies for some extra flavor and healthy power in all of nature’s colors. When it’s topped with the incredible avocado dressing, this dish takes salad from a chore to eat to a treat.

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