Talented Kid Entertains Subway Commuters With His Buckets

Published August 6, 2016 431,775 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThis isn't something you see every day! Usually, we see adult street performers. It is very cool to see younger kids showing off their talents through street performing. Awesome! This talented kid puts on an epic and incredible performance at the A train platform near 59th street in New York City. As people are walking by, they start to notice his incredible drumming skills. How does this kid have all this talent? He definitely has skills when to comes to rhythm. Amazing!

As he continues to show off his drumming skills, he continues to draw in more and more people. So many people are amazed at what he can do. Many people show their appreciation for his talents by placing money in his bucket. Little acts like this, make his day! What a great act of kindness. Good for them. At the end of his performance, he raises his hands in the air and everyone cheers! What a beautiful moment. He definitely deserves the cheers and screams, yay!

Do you want to learn how to jam on the drums just like this talented kid, check out some of these super cool drum sets! Time to show of some of your talent!

While on the subject of boys and buckets, check out this guy. While on vacation with his family in Las Vegas, David Freiheit stumbled upon this amazing street performer. Matthew Pretty, a.k.a. “Bucket Boy”, deems himself to be an international street performer who hails from Los Angeles. The performer uses buckets and pots to create his unique drum beats. In this clip, he shows off his talent and even asks for a little help from the large crowd around him.

This child, close to 11 years of age, is in the tram on a prepared stage in New York City, close 59th road. He's situated on a container inclining up against a waste can, with two cans before him. He's outfitted with a drumstick in each hand as he plays. There are a couple of individuals around him, yet he's, for the most part, got the station to himself.

His ability is propelled; he didn't simply lift this up yesterday. He's been doing it for some time and knows how to control his speed, volume, and dexterity. Gracious, and his playing is focused on memory. There's no sheet music, no prompts. He has the majority of this in his mind.

He who plays the drum anchors the beat for whatever is left of the instruments to play along. We view the drums as the pulse, the lifesaver of the tune and the music. Without percussion, all you have is a quiet little tune with no spirit.

This reason is the reason a decent drummer is extremely valuable. A strong percussionist keeps the melody and can revive any old tune or remain solitary, solid and in control, much the same as this amazing metro entertainer.

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