Guilty Dog Faces His Crime

Published August 4, 2016 14,825 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHow could you not forgive this adorable face? This pup is quite a bit of trouble with his mom because he used the door as his personal chew toy. While you might not think that a sweet heart like him could do too much damage to a door, just you wait! This is one guilty dog!


  • mykkie, 1 year ago

    The poor pooch was left alone too long. The guilty party is the dog's owner, not the dog. The dog experienced some type of stress. It's always good to research before you bring a dog home. I think the dog's owner should be photographed with a sign in their mouth, saying, we left our poor dog with whom we are blessed to has stewardship of him, too long and we are sorry. We will never do it again.

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