SINGING BRIDGES in ST. PETERSBURG. Sound show in St. PETERSBURG was transformed by drawbridges

andreichlandPublished: August 3, 2016Updated: August 10, 20162 views
Published: August 3, 2016Updated: August 10, 2016

Show "Singing bridges" in St. PETERSBURG has become one of the sensations of summer 2016. And now the singing bridges of St. Petersburg are another attraction of the city on the Neva.
The project "Singing bridges - 2016" breathed a second life in the drawbridges of St. Petersburg. This is largely a unique architectural structure before attracted many tourists to come to St. Petersburg for the drawbridges. And now it's just not spectacular (after all the bridges in principle, an unusual event). But starting in 2016 in St. Petersburg is full of sound show "Singing bridges". The bridges of St. PETERSBURG are decorated with colorful garlands and illuminated by spotlights. And in the name of "Singing bridges in St. Petersburg" hides the fact that during their divorce, classical music. It should be noted that the sound quality is very good. Therefore, singing the drawbridges of Saint-Petersburg became the cultural property of the city. Thousands of citizens and guests before and loved the bridges of St. Petersburg. Here walked at night, on dates, movies. Now imagine how effectively, for example, to invite his beloved to look at the singing bridge in Saint-Petersburg! In short, show Singing bridges probably will give you a lot of pleasant moments for thousands of people, from Peter and his numerous guests.

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