DOLLS BOXES OF BARBIE! How to sew Barbie dresses and clothes for dolls, to make a box

andreichlandPublished: August 3, 2016Updated: August 10, 201613 views
Published: August 3, 2016Updated: August 10, 2016

Boxes of Barbie doll is a popular collectible doll. A sew boxes Barbie with their hands and clothes and dresses for Barbie. But it is much harder to make a doll box. If you have a normal Barbie doll to sew her outfit is not so hard. But to make a doll box with your own hands, requires a lot of patience and imagination. In principle, the Internet sold by different clothes, Barbie clothes for dolls other models. But dress up doll box is not, after all, under the hem of the girl hidden a small stash – box Barbie.

How to make a doll box video presented in this video, I won't. Here are the finished Russian Barbie doll and the characters of other peoples. All dresses for dolls made in a single copy. Therefore, they are much more interesting than dresses for Barbie made in special factories. These doll boxes in the photo are not clear because m made a video, to let you see how looks a doll box in the video from all sides, so to speak in 3D.

Unique master handmaiden Svetlana Pavlyuk (Novopolotsk, Belarus) makes Barbie dolls are real works of art! Moreover, she didn't just sew them outfits and accessories. Underneath each doll - the box is the size of a Cup where you can store jewelry or jewelry, use as a piggy Bank and so on. The dolls themselves appear in the images of famous heroines Carmen, Scarlett, the Princess Budur, Anna Karenina...

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