A Mother Asks Her Daughter About The Mess She's Made. Her Response? Priceless!

7 years ago

Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend, but who know they'd be baby's as well? You can already tell that these two are the best of friends. Best friends often get into a little bit of trouble when they're together, and that's exactly what happens here! This little baby girl adorably figures out that Esther the bulldog loves toilet paper, and then hilarity ensues!

It seems as if Bean the baby was playing with the toilet paper, and then Esther decided to get in on the action, after being given a taste of the delicious toilet paper. Once the toilet paper unraveled, a mess took place all over the washroom and the hallway. When confronted about the mess, Bean adorably denies her wrong doing, and blames it on the dog. How funny!

Children always do the darnedest things. Whether it's sneaking candy, or feeding the dog toilet paper, they'll always deny there role in the crime, but it's okay because it makes for a hilarious moment!

Bean the baby gets busted playing with toilet paper and for once, Esther the bulldog is found innocent! These two are adorably up to no good!

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