Deep Yoga: A Spiritual Answer for Humanity After the Covid Trauma?

Deep Yoga: A Spiritual Answer for Humanity After the Covid Trauma?
Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa - author, “Gurbani and Psychiatry in the 21st Century”

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The global elite hasn’t let up their assault on humanity since the beginning of the COVID hysteria. With central bank digital currencies and WHO-sought VAX compliance passports, the Great Resetters want to root out any remaining independent thought – after using lockdowns and censorship to ruin the lives of millions. Everyone has suffered. Perhaps only a reconnection with God can restore the promise of this Earthly path.

Fresh from a study on the value of Kundalini Yoga for reconnecting the body and mind in those suffering post-traumatic stress, Guru Fatha has written about the psychological benefits of meditation, specifically yoga. Yoga incorporates the use of a mantra – meaning the “mind’s projection through vibration – as practiced over the past several centuries by the northern Indian sect called “Sikhism”.

Guru Fatha has written about the incredible health benefits of this mantra-type of yogic practice, and how uniquely the Kundalini Yoga practices can enable a human to seek a path that heals trauma and tangibly enables one to follow a path of success and happiness. Delving into this practice – and making it a daily habit – one can indeed connect with what yogis call, “the God Spot”.

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