Guy Accidentally Drops GoPro Camera During Ski Lift Ride

dave2humphreys Published August 1, 2016 617 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsWinter season can be so much fun, especially if you happen to snowboard, ski or even sled. Winters are cold so you must remember to dress very worm before you go out there to enjoy the beautiful coat of white that is spread everywhere you look. For the ones that don't prefer the cold or the snow its best to stay inside while admiring the view from some from place inside the walls.

These guys have decided that is a nice to to check out the ski slopes and have some guy time out on the mountain hills. They've got their gear along with their GoPro and its off to the ski lift. As this video clearly states that their having much fun on the ski lift and really looking forward to getting all the way up to the hill so they can enjoy a ride down.

When all of a sudden their motive for going up the hill quickly changes due to their camera dropping quite the way down from the ski lift to the ground. It seems like decades pass as the camera drops all the way to the ground before they come to retrieve it.

Takes them a little while but they seem to end up having luck after all as they easily locate the camera a pick it back up. They scream and laugh out loud as they are so happy to retrieve their camera. Its a wonder how the camera is still working after it took the hit of being drop all that way down.

While attempting to get some nice video footage of his skiing holiday in Andorra, the guy manages to drop his GoPro from high atop a ski lift ride, sending it all the way to the snowy ground. Epic fail!