LIVE - The Bloody Nerve's "All Blood, No Treasure" || 24/7

Nashville rock band The Bloody Nerve's "All Blood, No Treasure" episodic album is in progress and streaming on loop 24/7. Episode 8 is coming in August!

The Bloody Nerve is an independent rock band in Nashville, TN, released on their own label, Antic Records.

"a gnarly mix of punkoid fire, Dead Weather-esquerock and social disenchantment" - Classic Rock Magazine

"broadcasting the social messages everyone needs to hear" - Rock At Night

"A band that’s never stood still is surely at its most ambitious on the seventh instalment of a modern-day masterwork" -  Rush On Rock 

"If your first listen to this band is the first 21 seconds of Hard, Hard Winter,
when Laurie’s vocal kicks in you are sucked in... goosebump inducing" -  Steve Ritchie - Metal Talk 

Vocals: Laurie Ann Layne
Guitars/Vocals: Stacey Blood
Bass: Bobby Blood
Drums: Richie Russo

Produced by Stacey Blood

Spoken contributions by Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
Stephen Hicks on Postmodernism Part 2:

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