Forestfish GX9 Gaming Mouse Review

Published July 31, 2016 595 Views

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This mouse is great - excellent design and awesome LED light effects!

I was really impressed with the amount of options the software included, especially after reading some other reviews on Amazon which indicated otherwise. I have had mice that cost twice what this does that aren't built or designed as well. I love the ability to change the way the LED light inside the mouse operates and the number of options given. I am also quite satisfied with the options for button mapping. I like that there are only a few buttons on this mouse, as it's not overwhelming like other gaming mice. While sometimes I wish for more buttons, whenever I have more than a few I find I never use any of them. I'm not a gamer, but I need precision from my mouse because I am a photographer and am working on pictures and in Photoshop often.

The LED light show is the best, but I also love the cable on this mouse. A fabric-covered cable is excellent and durable. Also in the settings software is the ability to change the DPI settings - as in, you can set which DPI each little step of the four light steps on the mouse is. There are also two mode settings so you can have two different button mappings to switch between if you so desire.

The box this mouse comes in has God Of War logos on the box and instructions, but I'm not sure why. It seems like a random grab at some sort of game branding. I also am not convinced that this is actually a "laser" mouse as it certainly looks and acts like an optical mouse and not like other laser mice I've seen. I don't see any reduction in quality or tracking or precision, but it's something to note.

The instructions themselves aren't super helpful, and the disc that's in the box is not labeled at all apart from saying "Drivers". While I really like the functionality the software gives you, the installation of the software is annoying - having to open the disk on your computer, run the executable, then having it essentially do a full install in the background without any prompting is worrysome. It doesn't even ask if you want it to place a desktop icon, start menu shortcut, or system tray icon - it just does it! With as many software installations that bring malware along with them, it's really difficult for me to overlook a software that runs in the background like this. That said, it's so simplistic that it was easy for me to figure out that no other rogue software came along with the installation, so what you see is what you get.

All in all, this is an excellent mouse for the price. I love the cable, the LED lights, the many options given. The grip is comfortable, I like the resistance on the scroll wheel - all make for a great product.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I don't get other kickbacks for my reviews, so please vote my review as helpful on Amazon if you found it helpful! Happy mousing!