Needy Husky Requests Endless Belly Rubs From Owner

7 years ago

Every time this dog owner stops petting Nora the Husky, she grabs his hand with her mouth to show him where to keep scratching! We've never seen anything like this before! Enjoy her silly antics!

Ah, dogs, they make it so easy to love them. Their pure souls and innocent actions bring out the best in us. Although sometimes we need to clean up after them and it isn’t always pretty, it is all forgotten once they come to us for a few scratches behind their ears.

Dogs are our furry soulmates. You would have never thought that they were your perfect match until you’ve seen the furrball sleeping at the edge of your bed while warming up your legs. They have a tendency to know just when you need a hug and they aren’t stringy when it comes to giving one. They can barrel straight to us and not let go until they see that we are smiling at their wet kisses.

Although we know that they are domesticated and have been around for centuries, it is sometimes hard to forget that these lovable goofballs are actually descended from wolves searching for food among the humans. The Husky breed bears huge ressemblance to these ancestors.

In this heartwarming footage, we see a spoiled Husky demanding endless belly scratches from owner. This gentle pup actually loves having his tummy scratched by his best friend and isn’t afraid to show it. There is nothing like a Husky video to lift up your spirits!

Watching this needy Husky beg for owner’s attention has brightened up our day. Footage shows owner petting a Husky pup, but the needy canine cannot seem to get enough of them belly rubs as every time owner stops scratching and lifts the arm away from pup’s belly, the spoiled Husky demanding for more.

Someone isn't happy about the lack of attention and is very demanding! This Husky puppy loses her mind over belly rubs and politely asks for more. Obviously, this insatiable pup is hard to please as he would never want his human to stop petting her!

It is indisputable that all dogs love belly rubs. However, Nora might just love belly rubs more than all those other dogs combined. Watch as she keeps on bringing owner’s hand over her body, requesting constant scratching! Adorable!

At one point, when the human hands dare stop their one job, which is belly rubbing, the puppy grabs owner’s hand in her mouth and places it on her belly. Don’t you dare making this incredible sensation go away, human! Request granted, puppy!

It is adorable how this sweet begging transforms into needy addiction to belly rubs. Poor owner, we can tell from this video, that his hand is becoming to feel sore after giving a handful of endless rubs to his needy pet! Hilarious!

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