6 years ago

Little Boy Can’t Stop Laughing Contagiously During Music Class

If laughter is the best medicine, this is one very healthy little boy. They say that nothing sounds as sweet as a child’s laughter, but this kid proves that it can be contagious as well! A clip of a little boy dissolving into peals of laughter during a music class in is proving infectious. We dare you not to smile as the little guy cracks up during a class rendition of Clap Your Hands Together. When a kindergarten teacher was holding music class, she decided to play a song called ‘Clap Your Hands Together’, which means that during the music the kids should be clapping to the rhythm of the song and stop when they hear the cue. One kid found the surprising effects of the song absolutely hilarious and it shows! The music teacher strums a guitar as she leads the sing-a-long and, as the music speeds up, so too does the little boy’s laughter.

The video, shot in mid July in a kindergarten in Levittown, New York, already had millions of views and we are certain everybody knows why. The three-year-old boy was stricken with a severe case of the giggles during the ‘clap and stop’ song, sending everyone present into a laughing frenzy, the teacher included. The other little kids in class gave shy smiles, but the cutie in front broke into pealing hysterics and couldn't seem to stop as the kids clapped and the teacher played and sang. At one point, the laughing little boy's friend next to him leans over and hugs him, almost as if he knows his pal needs comforting during this time of an uncontrollable fit of hysterics.

The little boy's giggles only got more fitful as the song quickened pace until he eventually collapsed on the floor with the force of his howls of amusement. The other children's faces range from surprised to astonished at the boy's antics. It's unclear if the little boy is normally this full of silliness or if it was this particular song that inspired it, but either way, his chortles of glee are infectious and will have you giggling along with him.

As she increases the tempo, teacher Sara Shonfeld keeps stopping to ask the class ‘Are you ready? Do you want to go faster?’ The little giggler in blue shouts ‘yeah’ loudly every single time. And his enthusiasm is contagious. The video cuts off after about 80 seconds, but we suspect the little guy’s still there, laughing away. There is nothing better than laughing and as you watch this young boy laugh hysterically, you will find yourself doing just that…laughing!

"The laughing boy loved the surprising effect of the song. Clap and stop! Children enjoy learning through dynamic musical expressions and experiences. Learning can be entertaining," said the teacher, Sara Shonfeld. We couldn’t help but crack a smile and chuckle every time he started to laugh. The best part of the entire video is the fact this little guy is the only one laughing so hard in class! Maybe he will remind you of yourself in your younger days!

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