Corgi Has Trouble With The Concept Of A Glass Coffee Table

Published July 29, 2016 88,275 Views

When you are a dog living in a human’s world, you are going to run into some things that might not make sense to you, or leave you mildly confused. Things like glass coffee tables, apparently. Small and sturdy as it is, this corgi looks like a big dog trapped in a small dog’s body. His name is Kimchi and although he is hitting the table in an attempt to figure it out, he still remains adorable but a bit befuddled by the invisible force field it has encountered.

Kimchi happens to find himself under a glass coffee table. And if he is known by his attitude larger than life, here the only thing it looks larger than himself and he can’t completely fathom is this coffee table. It is see-through and yet you can see it, touch it and lean on it, it must be a real miracle for this dog. How can an invisible thing like this be visible enough that he can even lick it so ravenously? It must look so mystical to him because it doesn’t seem he will figure it out any time soon. Opposed to his bewilderment is the posture of his long, wiggly body and stout legs which is totally relaxed as he is nonchalantly lying under on the floor.

He is definitely resolved to waste his high energy, trying to discover this whole new little universe in which he is trying to fit. And it goes in the following order, first he slides with his legs on the glass from top to bottom since he can not get hold of with his paws. Having realized that, he starts licking the glass over and over again for a few minutes. Since nothing happens with the licking as well, he round off the whole act with pawing the glass again. His poker face is so adorable and we can’t get enough of watching him investigate the coffee table.

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