6 years ago

This Cat Is The Ultimate Fighter Against Spam Mail

Mail people have the wackiest of jobs. On their delivery routes, they get to experience all sorts encounters, ranging from hilarious to downright life threatening. We couldn't even begin to imagine the stuff they get to see on the job everyday.

Take this mailman, for example. This cat greets him every single day without fail. The cat is on a mission to make sure the mail man doesn't get a single letter through the mail slot! You won't believe what she does to keep the mail out!

First of all, the cat is always on the windowsill and patiently awaits for the mailman to arrive. As soon as he approaches the door and begins stuffing the mail through the slot, she pokes her front paws outside and claws the mail! She even managed to grab his glove and pull it out! What does she even think that he is doing, throwing contraband or explosives?

People, forget dogs. All you have to do is find yourself a cat like this one. Loyal companion, a brave guardian and a fearless warrior against the unfair stuffing of advertisements and unsolicited mail into your mailbox. She is low maintenance and can keep herself occupied for hours. Just keep her sandbox clean and you will both be happy!

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