Kid Can't Choose Between Eating And Sleeping

Published July 27, 2016 9,858 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleSleeping and eating are two things that people love most to do. If people could eat while they sleep, it would be the epitome of human achievement! Well prepare to meet the adorable kid who has mastered the technique of sleep eating and is living out all of our dreams.

Aaron was having a post-Thanksgiving-dinner snack at the table, but all that eating made the boy super tired. So he rested his head on his hand and started snoozing. However, Aaron wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t multitask, even during his tabletop nap, so he kept reaching into his bowl of snacks and feeding piece by piece in his sleepy mouth!

We can’t believe our eyes! Everyone on the table kept calling his name, asking if he’s awake or soundly asleep, but Aaron did not even flinch. So, a test was required.

His uncle waited for Aaron to bring a bite to his mouth, so that they can remove the bowl from right in front of him. The kid lowers his fingers, feels around for his kibble but doesn’t find any and comes to from his slumber. He’s not angry though; while the rest of the family rolls around laughing, Aaron quickly grabs his bowl back and gets back to business.

This kid is LITERALLY living his dream! Hilarious!