Racist Abuse Leveled At Leslie Jones Defies Words : A Dedication To The Actor

celeb902Published: July 27, 2016Updated: August 3, 201639 views
Published: July 27, 2016Updated: August 3, 2016

Going through the twitter account of Leslie Jones - https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg - (of Ghostbusters fame), one sees the shocking reality of the level racism and bigotry still ingrained in so many people. The shock is multiplied many more times, because such prejudice is alive and kicking in a country that prides itself as a beacon of tolerance and an example for the rest of the world.

We have collated all the nasty racist tweets and put them in a slide show - but at the same time included two of Dr Martin Luther King's memorable speeches. Viewers are asked (including those that posted those degrading comments) to ask themselves, which human being they'd rather be in company with and aspire to ?

In the background audio (2nd part), in the video above, Dr Martin Luther King explains how he had to answer his daughter's persistent questioning of why her father couldn't take her to the "Fun Town" amusement park. What we would like to ask those that tweeted the vile comments towards Leslie Jones, is how they would explain the tweets to their young children ?

One would like to think humanity has developed far enough to become averse to any sort of prejudice towards any group or individual, just because of their color, faith, sexuality, appearance or disability.

It is a crying shame, that even politicians are now overtly expressing bigotry towards sections of the community just to attract those voters that previously were 'closeted' bigots, but now have a license to express their bigotry in the more vilest way possible because of the bigoted vitriol now being displayed on our screen.

We are also puzzled by the lack of reaction from the celebrities who use social media as a platform to maintain their 'fame' among their fans. These same 'stars' are happy to wade into feuds which are at the end of the day, playground arguments. Yet, on such important issues as racism and bigotry - as in the case of Leslie Jones - their silence is deafening.

A personal message to Leslie Jones (and anyone else who has to experience such filth and bigotry) - Dr. Martin Luther King's spirit still lives in you, those that desecrate his memory through their hate speech defile everything that he stood for and what America stands for.

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