Cute Challenge Reveals That These Two Will Become Grandparents

Published July 27, 2016 820,243 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThere is an abundance of videos like this one. A young couple are about to become parents and they figure out a way to tell their own parents the good news. Sometimes they just go out and say it, no muss, no fuss. But every so often a very creative couple comes along, creating a challenge or prank of some sort, to throw the unsuspecting grandparents off the rails. This is one such surprise and we can barely take it! It is that good!

Check out how Joseph reveals to his parents the exciting news. First he tells them there is a challenge going around that it's impossible to tie a shoe, that was laced differently, backwards and blindfolded. He makes them tie a regular shoe for practice before giving them the "special laced" shoes. His mom's reaction is priceless!

Mom and dad accept the challenge their son creates, blissfully unaware what's behind all this! Namely, their son is about to tell the big news, that they'll be grandparents, but wants to do it in a slightly different manner. His dad here is doing great, ties the shoe laces quite fast... but then he gives them tiny shoes to tie... And after that, things start getting hilarious!

When his dad senses that it is a baby shoe, he figures the announcement on the spot. He lifts his blindfold and makes eye contact with his son, not uttering a single word. Joseph’s mom needed a few more hints, but when she figured the surprise out, she couldn’t hide her tears of joy!

What a well-thought prank! And what a way to deliver news! Quite original, you have to admit!

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