This is why everyone loves Bollywood !

celeb902 Published July 26, 2016 33 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeViewers of Indian TV soaps have seen the best of plots, but even more… the worst of plots !

For example, there was a very popular prime time show where the lead character turned into a fly.

That’s how Bollywood and Indian TV rolls.

Just when fans of the industry had thought that plots couldn’t get worse, another one comes along and shatters that notion.

In this latest serial, a woman was shot dead center (apologies for the pun) in her forehead…. as is usual in normal humans, this would mean instant death….. however, what happens here will have you scratching your head if not give you a good chortle.

Let the pictures do the talking, no need to try and understand what the “actors” (deliberate quotes) are saying.