Adorable Compilation Of Cheeky Animals Getting Silly In Front Of The Camera

Published July 26, 2016 345,784 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCheck out this adorable compilation of funny animals caught on camera!

A man trying to pet a lizard but things quickly progress as the lizard crawls up on man’s body. The unsuspecting man tries to shake his uninvited visitor off his body but to no avail. The man even had to take off his shirt in order to make sure that the reptile is gone for good. Hilarious!

Family is gathered in a living room to witness the funny moment when a tiny pup meets two massive pooches and spooks them away. It is as funny how the little pup managed to scare off these huge dogs, sending one of them on the couch, looking for help from their humans. Too funny!

Horseback riding sound like so much fun, however, it is not nearly as much exciting when the horse on who’s back you are riding on decides to make a sudden move to get back into the stable, leaving you hanging. Let’s hope that this lady got a lending hand from the nearby man.

Kittens can immediately improve your mood. Watching this tiny feline’s first encounter with a mirror put a big smile on our face. Footage shows the curious kitten immediately going attack mode on his own reflection! Cuteness overload!

Our favorite is the rascal dog who ate owner’s lipstick, completely coloring his mouth and face in purple and monkey’s reaction to watching a card disappear as man performs a magic trick in front of him! The monkey opens his mouth in disbelief and is swept off his feet!