Lazy Cat Couldn't Care Less About Nosy Mouse

7 years ago

When you think about archenemies, who do you think first? Cats and mice, of course. Tom & Jerry have been teaching us for decades that a cat and a mouse can never live in the same house together. In fact, cats are, of course, natural born killers and those tiny little critters are their favorite prey.

Based on everything we know about cats, one would think that if a cat saw a mouse, it would pounce on the chance catch a mouse nearby. Well, this cat defies all convention, and when he comes face to face with a mouse, he has the most hilarious reaction of all time!

Maya, the cat, has been let out to soak up some fresh air on the porch, but her serenity has been rudely interrupted by a tiny little field mouse! Or so the rodent thought because this old lazy cat did not faze at all. The mouse just sits there, inches away of the cat and all Maya does is groom herself.

Later, it turns out that this mouse is all ghetto because he will not be ignored by this big feline. So what does he do? He jumps at fluffy Maya! Her owner, watching and recording the whole thing from the safety of her home, is hysterical. Laughing and screaming, she can barely keep herself together. When the woman tried to get her pet inside and away from the cesspool of germs that is that mouse, the cat just gets up and starts going in the other direction, right after the mouse’s tail! Hilarious!

But, honestly why are cats so lazy? It’s basically in their nature. They love to eat sleep, snuggle, but only they want hooman, not you, they don’t like to be bothered and nap all daaaay. And this case, not doing anything today.

Well, cats have bad days too. When they don’t feel like playing with and chasing mice some days, they just don’t that. Cats are known to do things what they want, not their owners! So if Maya does not feel like chasing the mouse, she won’t do it! Not today, hooman! Today is ‘no chasing mice day.’

By the reaction on her face, we can see that she is thinking “Leave me alone mouse, it’s not my day!” What is your opinion about cats? Do you love them? Hate them? Do you think that they are lazy? Tell us below in our comment section!

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