This Dog Found An Unusual Walking Partner In This Young Raccoon

Published July 21, 2016 61,119 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEveryone loves going for a good walk, and that is one of the greatest things in the life of a dog. There’s the fresh air, the exercise and all of those smells. Well, this adorable dog was strolling around the block, when he suddenly encountered a new friend to accompany him.

This little pup discovered that there is something that can make going for a walk even more exciting. He experienced the joy of finding a new friend to join along.

Raccoon is very curious to join the little pup in his neighborhood walk. It is so adorable to see how the raccoon sneaks behind the door and starts to follow him around. Dog realized he has unexpected company and somehow decides to ignore the little fellow.

After a while, it seems like the dog starts to speed up, but the raccoon doesn't mind and keeps up with the step.

Who would have thought that raccoons would make such a great walking companions. Pals who walk together, stay together. I like to imagine that this was only the beginning of their friendship.

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