"Mommy's boyfriend" kills Kandace L Mervin, reports say

2 months ago

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DailyKenn.com — 38-year-old Kandace L Mervin was fatally shot in Johnstown, PA.

34-year-old Michael Lyles Jr. was arrested.

Reports say a 911 call from the victim went silent after a gunshot was heard. An operator heard a child ask, "Who shot her?" after which another child is heard responded, ""my mommy's boyfriend," apparently referring to Lyles.

Police had responded earlier that evening to a report of a verbal disturbance. Lyles was reported told to leave the premises for the night.

He returned.

Detectives say that when they told Lyles that Mervin was dead, he reportedly "displayed no emotion and acted as if it was all a joke," according to wjactv.com.

A lack of remorse or guilt, callous/lack of empathy, and impulsivity are traits of psychopathy as cited by famed psychologist Robert Hare. Psychopathy seems to be inherent to America's black community.

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