Python bites off more than it can chew, goat horn gets stuck puts life at risk

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Published: July 19, 2016

A python was seen battling for its life after the horn of the goat it had swallowed in entirety started piercing into its stomach.

For hours the slithering beast struggled to digest its prey, but when the pain (due to piercing by the goat's horn) increased further, the python had no option but to spit it out.

In the process, however, the python suffered injuries in the inner walls of its stomach and in its mouth. Later, it was rescued by forest official.

The incident happened around 3pm on Monday when a shepard was herding his cattle in Gothda Mohabatabad of Faridabad, he found one of his cattle was missing.

"When he started searching for the goat, the shepard saw a python had swallowed half of the goat's body,” said Deepak Bhadana, a village council member.

Despite the goat's horn piercing the inner walls of its stomach, the python continued trying to swallow the animal in entirety.

Shellshocked by the sight, the Shepard ran into the village to inform the fellow villagers who eventually intimated the forest department officials.

When the shepard returned with others, he saw the python was struggling to spit out the carcass of the goat but its horn remained stuck in the python's mouth.

After a lot of efforts from villagers and forest officials, the python finally managed to vomit out the goat.

“After 4 hour's of effort, we rescued the python and released deep in the forest of the Aravali hills the same night,” said wildlife inspector Delchan Sagar. ​

Text/Video: Newslions/Sanjay Pandey

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