Young, autistic woman finds the confidence to speak through love of black cats

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Rumble / Heroic AnimalsJordan, who lived in a silent world, discovers her passion in life and finds her voice.

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Full Story:
Jordan has been diagnosed as Autistic. She is a girl of few words and often times lives encapsulated in her own world.

Mychal's Learning Place, a non-profit program that provides services for eighty, developmentally disabled students daily. They are taught how to cook, clean, do laundry, how to take the bus or use the computer -- everything you would need to live independently.

But even after being with Mychal's for years, Jordan was missing something. When Mychal's partnered up with Adopt & Shop a "Pet Store With Purpose" located in Culver City, CA, Jordan finally opened herself up.

Jordan has an intrinsic fondness for black cats. Every time she sees a black cat she can't help but fall in love. Words fall from lips as though she has been talking all along. "Kitty kitty kitty." Not only do her eyes light up but she can't stop smiling and laughing.

When Jordan holds a black cat she looks beyond herself and her "disability" and is nurturing, outgoing and happy.

As Ed Lynch, founder of Mychal's Learning Place would say, "Leave labels outside. Lets challenge, lets encourage. I can't is not an option."

About Mychal's Learning Place:

About Adopt & Shop:
The "Pet Store With Purpose." Adopt & Shop unites dogs and cats from local shelters with loving homes and caring families.


About Found Animals Foundation:

Found Animals is a non-profit with a focused mission: Saving Pets, Enriching Lives. With an estimated 6 - 8 million dogs and cats entering U.S. shelters, and approximately 50% of those animals being euthanized yearly, Found Animals focuses on a select group of strategic priorities to help reduce shelter intake, or accelerate live release rates.


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  • vagabond, 2 years ago

    Great program, great people Beautiful kitty!

    2 rumbles
    • PAWsitive, 2 years ago

      Yes, they are. Everyone is so amazing at Adopt & Shop and Mychal's. Thank you for watching.

      1 rumble