Intense Time Lapse Footage Of Supercell Storm In Hungary

Published July 15, 2016 320,948 Views

A massive supercell approaches the city of Csókakő, Hungary with severe wind gusts, hail and heavy rain. This can be frightening and you definitely don't want to be outside when something like this occurs. Krisztian Kiszely sets up her GoPro and magnificently captures time lapse footage of this incredible and wicked storm. No one was going to go outside to film this crazy storm, so the GoPro is a great idea! If the storm wasn't spooky enough in regular time, we get to see it at much faster speed.

This storm looks like it came right out of a thriller movie. It's dark and big and looks like it approached the area very quickly. It is quite scary watching the storm get closer and closer to the GoPro. The storm came with a lot of strength. Near the end when the lightning is shown throughout the sky, the view is very beautiful. There is a mix of blue and purple colours. What a fascinating video to watch. It is much better watching than actually being present in the storm, that's for sure!

Check out this video of time lapse footage of a supercell storm in Hungary!

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