Dr. Ben Edwards -- Where did American Health Care go Wrong?

11 months ago

*This is Good! Here's a Truth Bomb for ya!!

Health Care went wrong in 1910 and 1912. Pre 1910 there were all types of healing modalities in America. There was about 25 Homeopathic Medical Schools in the late 1800s. There were 5,000 homeopathic physicians at the turn of the century. There were herbalists, chiropractors, allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Native American medicine and hundreds of other healing modalities which had been around for hundreds or even thousands of years.

All the healing modalities of our ancestors worked with helping the body heal itself. They worked with the body's ability to fix itself. Your body can fix itself from all disease, sometimes it needs some assistance to heal. That's what healers used to do.

Around 1910, the owner of Standard Oil was Rockefeller. Some of his minions came to him and said we can manipulate petroleum byproducts in the lab and turn them into chemical fertilizers, weapons and medicines.

Rockefeller went to the Carnegie Foundation and discussed medical education. They hired Abraham Flexner who was an education specialist. They asked him to go around the country and study all the healing modalities out there and to report back to them.

It was called the Flexner Report. This report determined there were way too many medical education curriculums out there without any standardization. We need to standardize and license it. They chose the allopath model.

From this point all the "scientific" research money went to all the allopathic schools, research labs and hospitals.

Carnegie and Rockefeller teamed up with the AMA. They convinced the AMA to standardize everything to Allopathic and to License these schools and the doctors coming out of those schools.

All the rest of the schools were either marginalized or made illegal. By 1925 there were no more homeopathic or naturopathic schools. Thousands of herbalists were out of work. Chiropractors barely survived.

Then the propaganda campaign began. They labeled everything non-allopathic as Quackery.

1920 to 2020 we became super sick. Chronic Disease became the new normal.

Pre 1920 there were no heart attacks, Alzheimer, autoimmune disease, allergies, ADHD, autism and cancer was so rare that EVERY single case was reported in medical journals.

All the diseases we have today is because of the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that are prescribed for our "benefit."

They don't work with the body but work against the body. They treat symptoms, not root causes. It's a sham.

We used to be well, now we're not.

The pharmaceuticals now have full control of med schools, medical research, the medical journals and hospitals. They have infiltrated the media and government with corrupt money.

Who is paying our so called "elected officials?" Big Pharma.

Why do you think they made vaccine injuries a guaranteed non-burden, they have ZERO Liability?

According to Revelation 18:23, when Babylon is permanently destroyed near the end of the Tribulation Period, never again will the city be illuminated by the light of a lamp and never again will the voice of groom and bride be heard in it. Two reasons are given for the final and complete destruction of Babylon. First, Babylon will have merchants who will be the great and powerful people of the earth (Rev 18:23; cf. 18:3). These merchants will use their financial wealth to advance their power, interests, and ideas — if not also influence world affairs. They will, however, be destroyed. Thomas (1995:346-347) notes that the clause introducing the rest of Revelation 18:23 ‘supplies the reason for the enrichment and noble standing of those trading with Babylon’. The second reason why God will destroy Babylon is because this city will deceive all the nations by her witchcraft (Rev 18:23b; cf. 9:21). The Greek word translated as ‘witchcraft’ is ‘pharmakeia’ (whence we derive the word ‘pharmacy’).

We've been played like the devil's fiddle.

God gave us a mask, it's called a Nose.

God gave us the ability to become immunized, it's called an immune system.

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